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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stay safe everyone

Sitting on my bed listening to the wind and rain grow louder outside.  Half the country has been battling bushfires, and up north it's flooding rain from ex Cyclone Oswald, along with tornados (6) in the past few hours.They've had to release water from the dams because they are at full capacity with more to come. 
All that weather is heading for us now.  
I went out and tidied up the garden so that there are less missiles to blow about and have our usual emergency packs ready just in case. I hope we never have to use them. 
Reading posts from the US and UK about the snow and cold temperatures.  I don't go well in the cold so I hope you are all rugged up.  I sometimes wear thermals here in Winter - don't think I'd survive one with snow.
So please all of you no matter where you are stay safe.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Success with the puzzling thing - it's part of a braid loom!

I found out what this puzzling item is that I recently posted about!  
Having looked at the loose thread the reel contained it reminded me of the threads you see on those lovely antique trims and braids you see for sale on Etsy and eBay.  
SO I figured it was probably from a loom that made a trim or braid. 
I googled 'braid loom' and look what popped up!
Here's a picture of a braid loom in action weaving multiple braids in different colours at the Museum voor Industriële Archeologie enTextiel in Gent, Belgium. And there are the little doodads like the (formerly) puzzling thing in our original photo.
Katherine Sanderson's website has some wonderful images of the amazing machines in this museum so if you are interested in how textiles are produced I'd head on over to her blog. I found it fascinating and I'd love to visit.  I love watching how machines work - right up there with watching construction sites - yeah we all know I'm strange!

Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY French wedding tiara stand

I've become sidetracked from my DIY 18th century wig stand project. But this is similar and I'm considering it a dry run for my wig stand.
This glorious old french wedding tiara covered in wax blossoms complete with streamers which belongs to a friend of mine needs to be displayed on a nice stand.
Originally it most probably resided in a Globe de Mariee or Globe de Marriage - those gorgeous displays under a glass cloche which celebrated late 19th century French marriages particularly in Provence.
It's currently residing on an ugly polystyrene head which looks like an alien and does it no justice at all.
My supplies list includes:

  • one wooden candlestick 
  • one reasonably sized styrofoam ball
  • something to connect the two (a bit of dowel)
  • some wadding in case I want to pad out the ball
  • material to cover the padding which is in fact, a doily.

The candle stick doesn't have a very wide base and since its going to hold something very precious and delicate I felt it needed a wider base.
So I bought a mug tree from the thrift shop and ripped the base off it. 
I'm hoping my friend will find a glass cloche to put it in when it's finished.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A lovely new vintage store and a puzzling thing

I came across this puzzling item at Maudies Millinery the new vintage store I discovered just the other day.
The question is, "what is it?".  
Maudie is as stumped as I am (and ignore the bow on top). 
It looks to be part of something bigger - perhaps a loom of some kind???  
There is a little metal thingamy along the bottom that looks like it guides the thread (which is loose - not a mercerised thread).  And I'm guessing those spaces along the bottom of the wood could be where some kind of gear wheel may have moved it backward and forward.
If you know what it is please let me know.  There is a growing group of us who are keen to know.
Now back to Maudies - she has all sorts of vintage loveliness packed into her little store. There are lovely vintage hats and all sorts of fabric trims, flowers, beautiful buttons, old brooches, feathers, shoes, a lovely old lace flapper style dress and that's not all!
Wait for it - Maudie teaches millinery - yay!  So I am going to learn how to make hats which makes my heart sing!  I've wanted to do this for ages.
Check out Maudies Millinery facebook page.

Oh and HAPPY 2013 - I hope it's kind to you and yours!