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Monday, March 25, 2013

I've been most remiss of late but blame the hats!

It's nearly six weeks since my last post so apologies for the lack of new posts.  Life often runs away with me.
However I've not been idle. 
I've moved on to making hats #2 and #3 - pictures will follow in due course but I have to say I am hat mad at the moment. It's totally absorbing and utterly fascinating.
Cloches are probably my favourite hats of all time but the minute after I think that I find some other style I think quite dashing. However cloches are my hat of the moment with the odd side trip to rustic simplicity.
I've been watching some YouTube videos on techniques and even 'how to wear a hat'. This I think comes down to having 'hatitude'.  If you feel uncomfortable in a hat that's how you'll look.  Personally I love hats.  It's a pity you can only wear one at a time.
There were a range of vintage hats at Aladdin's Fair yesterday but I resisted and instead bought a hatblock!  This one actually.
I've been looking for one my size and this one seemed roughly correct even though I didn't have my trusty tape measure with me and had to borrow one.  
It's been padded out with layers of felt to make it the right size for someone so I am in the process of peeling those old layers off to see what size it is and make it just right for me. 
I've peel off two layers and there looks to be at least two half layers underneath! I keep measuring as I go because it might be easier to leave some layers on rather than take them all off if it's going to become too small for me.  On the other hand they are OLD felt and perhaps I should put on my own layers!  I'll ask my teacher's advice on that!

It's been well used so I'm hoping some of the experience of its previous owner will rub off on to me.
The old flowers have come up a treat with a little steaming which is rather like magic.  Apply steam to squashed old flowers and watch them puff back up into life!