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Friday, May 31, 2013

Another day, another hat, another mistake

I'm currently working on a blue parasisal hat, which is woven from the sisal plant. 

It's a lovely fine weave, dyed a light denim blue which I plan to trim with coffee coloured lace. 
I've used sizing on the crown to make it firm, as the parasisal is so soft it would easily get misshapen otherwise. 
I've left the edge of the brim unbound because I like the rough fraying. The lace is antique and fragile so I'll have to glue it and hope for the best.
I've had a fight with the grosgrain hatband and have glued and pulled it off three times - for various reasons. The parasisal being very soft and pliable makes things a bit fiddly. Hopefully I have it right this time.  Well it's handy to make every mistake in the book, it means you learn a lot.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Great hats and fashion in 20s movies

Since I'm all about the 20s at the moment I've been watching some of my favourite  films and series set in the 20s.  Some straddle the decades before and after but that's ok, so does fashion. They include:
Death on the Nile (the Peter Ustinov version). LOVE the hats in this one, especially Bette Davis' and Olivia Hussey's hats.  The larger brims on these two hats are so flattering.  

Yum!  They're right up there with my lovely black horsehair cloche with the lace brim! 

Thoroughly Modern Millie.  What's not to love about Millie's wardrobe especially the black and white checkerboard ensemble and that her beads don't hang straight! And you get music and Mary Tyler Moore!

Easy Virtue The music is fabulous, it's got Colin Firth, witty dialogue and a wide range of fashions from country to glam!
House of Elliot  I get sick of hearing "Oh Evie" every couple of minutes but like the clothing.
There are also a couple of good shots early on in High Road to China.
Of course Downton Abbey has heaps of fashion and I suppose the Great Gatsby will too if (according to reports), you don't take period accuracy seriously!
The Changeling was ok. Think the depressing nature of the story overshadowed any enjoyment I might have had from checking out the clothing.
Come on guys, what's your fav movies or series set in the 20s? I need more inspiration.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A (20s cloche) hat in search of a dress

Yes I have finished refurbishing and wiring the black horsehair and lace cloche! (A photo of the finished article will follow when I've actually taken one.) And of course I now need a dress to wear it with.
And yes I could sew one but only if I only want to wear it sometime in 2015. 
I don't have a 20s or 30s style figure. I have a 50s style figure. I have an hourglass figure and I'm not in my thirties anymore so I want sleeves!
I've been searching the web and found the Nataya line of Titanic dresses.
I like this one which is black with silver embroidery and sand base (according to the description)! I have no idea whether it will be as forgiving of my shape as the website description says but I need a dress! 
I want to wear it to my friend's wedding in October so yes I have some time but hey I am impatient!  And if I leave it to the last minute it won't happen - they'll have run out or no longer be available in my size or whatever!
Of course it might be a total disaster but there's only one way to find out.  
Postage from the US to Australia is hideous but what the hell I might as well just do it!
Anyone know of any other suitable style dresses online that might suit my figure????  And in a plus size style!